New York City

At Christmas my Mom surprised my sisters, sister in laws and I with tickets to New York City. Trying to nail down the travel dates was the hardest part. Trying to organize six peoples work, baby sitter, school and husbands schedules was no easy task.

We picked our top sight seeing activities and plays and I organized them all into a super cool Google Spreadsheet, guys it was color coded. I’m such a nerd and it was probably my favorite thing to do.

The activity I was most looking forward to was walking around with my Hasselblad capturing the streets and sights in the most exciting city. It brought me back to my senior project during University was capturing main streets across North America. I walked around towns from Calgary, Canada to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my Hasselblad.  This is something I need to do more of. I love my Hasselblad, I love square format and I love street photography. Even more so, I love my Hasselblad, squares and New York City. Thanks Mom for making my silly dreams come true.

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  1. Do all these strangers know their pictures are on your website? 😉 Nice work…and just note – I read your blog and supported you…just this once. 🙂
    Love you!

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