Best of 2017

Hurray for 2017. At the beginning of the year I set some goals, some I accomplished, lots I didn’t.

One of the main things I wanted to do was photograph a birth and that was a goal I fulfilled. I was so excited, but also a little bit terrified. Being on call and finding baby sitters at the last minute does not do well with my love of planning. But, it all worked out and I was able to experience being on the other side of a birth. It really was neat!

Other highlights of the year was meeting Al Fox Carraway. I have read her books and heard her speak at a fireside. She has an amazing conversion story and spirit about her. I loved meeting her and taking her picture was the icing on top!

This year I was able to go to New York, with my mom and sisters and I also went to Kauai with my husband. It was great to bring my giant hasselblad along and have that as my only camera body. These two places that are polar opposites and it taught that I love the city. I love architecture, straight lines and patterns. Hawaii is beautiful of course, but visually the city appeals to me more. So, cheers to this personal revelation and traveling to more big cities.

Goals I have for 2018 are not the most exciting. I want to improve my business skills. Develop better client relationships, improve the back end of my business and focus more on sales.

It is always hard to balance owning a business, while being a wife and a mother. That strain is only going to increase in the new year since we are adding another baby to our family. I recently started readingĀ For the LoveĀ by Jen Hatmaker and she says:

“Balance. It’s like a unicorn; we’ve heard about it, everyone talks about it and makes airbrushed tshirts celebrating it, it seems super rad, but we hanven’t actually seen one. I’m beginning to think it isn’t a thing.”

I’m looking forward to this following year and talking things a little slower. Having a newborn will force me to slow down, but I never want to be forgotten or left behind. In order to do that I need to develop creative personal projects and focus more on personal work.

As always, thank you to you guys who read through my mumblings and take some interest in seeing my photography work. And thank you to those who ask me to document them and the season of life they are in. Hope you guys go into 2018 with a bang!

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