Best of 2016

Family by Rosalyn Photography
Family by Rosalyn Photography

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This year was one of my best so far. I loved having the opportunity to photograph so many family members, friends and making new friends.

One of my favorite memories this year was going to Moab,UT with one of my dear friends Mandy. We left our husbands and kids and took a brief girls trip. It was filled with lots of food, talking and pulling off on the side of the road to take some pictures.

This year I made a few changes to my business. Prior to the session I send a password protected link to a questionnaire and contract, through my website. Once the photographs are completed I can send them to clients in a zip file, through my website. After the session I send clients a survey where they have an opportunity to be honest about their experience with me, through my website. I realize that for some, that doesn’t seem like a big deal. But rather than having multiple platforms and accounts to do these things my amazing nerdy computer science husband has simplified things for me. It has made the the back end of running a business a breeze.

I have some big plans for 2017.

First and foremost in January is Photo Native a photography conference geared toward hobbyists to professionals and everyone in between. I have been working behind the scenes coordinating with fourteen photographers helping them plan their Native Shoots. Each shoot has ten attendees who will come and listen to the head photographer teach, watch them photograph and then have the opportunity to shoot and apply what they learned. Participating in this has been a great learning opportunity. I have loved meeting and get to know more local photographers and being part of a community.Another thing I cannot wait for next year is some new design elements being added to my website. Emily is an amazing graphic designer. She has created my logo, thank you and business cards even my Christmas cards for me for years. This year she is redesigning my pricing and updating my about me page. I have zero graphic design skills so having Emily has been a major life saver!

Other goals I want to accomplish are to take out my big girl camera more and photograph my kids and my family and my life, it seems so simple but yet it is such a challenge. Also, I would also like to shoot more black and white film. Creating this blog post I noticed there is little to no black and white film. But, it is so hard to loose that safety net of color.

But, the thing I want to do most in 2017 is photograph a birth story. It just feels like the next creative step I want to take. Something that will push my creative boundaries and break out of my comfort zone. So, if you are expecting a bundle of joy this year, PLEASE, can I come join you in the room and document that milestone for you? Reach out to me here.

Over the last few years on my photography journey the biggest lesson I have learned is nothing beats hard work, practice and good old time. This is obviously not a new piece of information, but, this information has finally moved from my head to my heart. Doing give aways, collaborations, joining instagram pods, or having a large amount of followers or lots of likes might give you a little boost and maybe make your ego feel good. But, nothing can replace the hard work, practice and effort that it takes to find your voice.

Most of all this year would not of been anything special if it weren’t for you amazing people. Thank you for believing in me as a photographer, having me take your photos and reading this especially long blog post.

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