One of the hardest things prior to the photoshoot is deciding what everyone will wear. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to deciding your wardrobe.
– Get a little fancy. Upgrade your husbands white hanes t-shirt to a button up. Maybe instead of flip flops put on some pretty flats.
– Color coordinate but no need to be matchy matchy.
– Get some inspiration from pinterest or magazines.
– Make sure your comfortable, no need to hike down your skirt every two seconds.
– Do not spend a fortune on a new wardrobe.
– Neon is a no, no. That vibrant color will reflect onto your skin and you will become an oompa loompa.
– Please do not put everyone in white shirts and jeans.
– Alternatively, please do not wear all black shirts and jeans.

I love to see your pictures in your hands and on your wall. Making these memories tangible is a beautiful thing. I have teamed up with Pic-Time, a company that offers a variety of sophisticated and beautifully designed products, such as prints, albums, greeting and holiday cards. They will even send you your pictures framed! In your personal gallery you can invite friends to see the photographs or share a few photos via facebook and email. After your favorites are gathered you can order products from the store.

“You can just photoshop (fill in the blank?, right?”, the answer is a firm no. It breaks my heart when an image can be technically prefect, in terms of color, composition, exposure but, if you do not have a healthy self worth the image will be worthless. I know most people feel awkward in front of the camera, no worries. I will work with you to get natural photographs. However, self confidence is key so you be you!

Hangry is defined as being bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger. Nobody wants to be around that, or be that. So, before the session fill up your and your kids tummies. Don’t over schedule the day of the session with doctor appointments and play dates. Make sure that toddler (or husband) gets his nap. Basically, set your self up for success!

Dude, I have kids and I know they can be a wild card during photo sessions. For example, one year at our family photos I was getting my photo taken with my daughter who was almost four. We are smiling and all of a sudden she turns and licks my face, like a dog. Deep down I was fuming, but my face kept smiling and playing along. My biggest tip is to not threaten your kids, but do bring treats to bribe your kids.

When I see a client share a photo from our session on social media it makes my heart skip a beat. It is one of the biggest compliments I can receive knowing that you love your photos and want to share them with your friends. If I could ask that you tag me in the images you share or maybe drop my name to those who might want some photos taken I would appreciate it. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the best way for me to grow and expand.